Tax organizers help you collect all the information we need to prepare your individual tax returns. Organizing your information in clear and complete ways helps us prepare your tax return as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money.

This year, we have updated our tax organizer experience. SafeSend Organizers offers an interactive and intuitive experience that allows you to digitally complete your information and gives you the ability to attach and upload source documents in a secure environment without the need for a login or password. Watch this walkthrough video of our new SafeSend Organizers.

Tips for using your new SafeSend organizer:

  • “Request Access Code” button
  • Instead of login credentials, you’ll access your tax organizer via an access code that is emailed to you. Once you click on the link in your tax organizer email, you’ll be directed to a page where you will need to click the “Request Access Code” button to have the code sent to you.

  • The organizer is mainly a checklist.
  • One of the biggest changes this year is eliminating a lot of the data entry involved with filling out a tax organizer. A checklist of prior year forms such as W-2s and 1099s is provided in the organizer for your reference. Use this list to collect the forms needed to prepare your current tax return, upload them to the organizer, and that’s it. You no longer need to enter the data from the forms into the organizer as well.

    Some sections will require you to enter the current year information. Those sections will provide fields for current data in addition to providing the prior year data for your reference.

    If you have forms that are new this year and you are not sure where in the organizer to include them, use the Upload Documents area to submit that information.

  • “Save and Close” versus “Finish”
  • SafeSend Organizers allow you to work at your own pace. Choose “Save and Close” if you are done working for the day but need to fill out sections of the organizer or upload tax documents later.

    Once you have completed the organizer and attached all supporting tax documents, you should click “Finish” to submit your information to our office so that we can start preparing your return. Waiting until you have provided all your information to click “Finish”, avoids our needing to follow up on missing items which keeps costs down for you.

    Your organizer will lock once you click “Finish” and you will not be able to make any changes to it. You can reach out to us to reopen your organizer if needed.

  • You can upload docs anytime!
  • If you received additional forms after you have submitted your tax organizer, or you receive documents unrelated to your tax organizer, you can upload that information to us any time via our SafeSend Exchange link.

    We do not recommend sending sensitive documents via email. If you are unable to submit your information via SafeSend Exchange, we recommend that you send your documents to us via certified mail or through another service with a tracking number.