Business valuation is not an exact science. While you might think it is objective and precise, it really can be much more subjective depending upon the reason you need it.

Business Valuation + Forensic Accounting

The approach used to value your business for a sale, estate plan, or a divorce may be very different based on specific federal or state law, or even the potential buyer of the business. There is not just one way to get a value for your business. In fact, a hybrid of various approaches may be the best way to establish what your business is worth. While you may think you know what your business is worth, it is only as valuable as what the market will bear and our job is to help you understand what the true value is and how to enhance that amount. Our business valuation analysts and business intermediaries are uniquely qualified to guide you through this process.

Valuation can be used for many different situations throughout a company’s life cycle. It’s not just for when you want to sell your business, but can come into play when:

  • Admitting investors or partners
  • Employee stock plans or buy-ins
  • Personal or business divorce
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance and/or financing opportunities
  • Succession Planning
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Mergers
  • Litigation support

No matter what the need, business valuation will help you measure the return on your investment of your most valued asset.

Forensic Accounting Services

It’s your business, and you have a right to know what’s going on under the hood. Whether it’s prompted by an instance of matrimonial litigation, lost profits, fraud or theft, forensic accounting services can be crucial to the protection of your long-term success. By using specialized skills and tools to investigate an issue, pinpoint the source and analyze the evidence, we can help you mitigate losses as well as prevent problems down the road.

Forensic accounting techniques can be especially useful for the privately-held business and their owners. In addition, we also evaluate if proper internal controls and segregation of duties are in place and being followed to minimize the risk of damages, lost profits, fraud, theft, etc. to the business. Our forensic experts will work with you to review existing internal controls and segregation of duties, as well as make recommendations to strengthen the overall operations of the company. Falco Sult has a team of forensic accounting experts ready to tackle any problem as well as create and enforce proper internal controls to minimize future risks.

Always Check the Health of your Company

As companies grow, their internal operations are constantly changing and they need to react to those changes by updating personnel, procedures and technology.

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News & Insights

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Upcoming deadlines



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