With a shrinking IRS workforce, getting in contact with IRS agents is becoming increasingly difficult. The more traditional methods of communicating with the IRS – by phone and mail – have become increasingly more challenging for taxpayers and preparers alike. To avoid a potential headache, the most efficient and quickest way to get your records is through an IRS Online Account.

Once created, this account offers a variety of functions that can aid in preparing your return. It will be tied to a Taxpayer Identifying Number (TIN), an Employer Identifying Number (EIN), or Social Security Number (SSN), and will allow for viewing and requesting many different records.

The following functions are available through the online account:

  • Access key data from the most recently filed tax return and access other additional records.
  • View economic impact payment amounts.
  • View digital copies of certain notices from the IRS.
  • Make online estimated tax payments. This includes viewing and creating payment plans.
  • Pull IRS transcripts in case certain forms are lost and cannot be retrieved. This will allow a taxpayer to properly claim all income and deductions that the IRS has record of.

In addition to these services, taxpayers will also be able to electronically approve third-party Power of Attorney (POA) requests through this account. This could significantly lessen processing time for returns and notice issues because the POA would be instantly processed.

Setting up an IRS online account is very simple:

  1. First, make sure photo identification is readily available.
  2. Navigate to the “Your Online Account” page through your preferred browser.
  3. Click, “Sign in to your Online Account.”
  4. Click “Create an account.”
  5. The website will then ask for an email address and password that will be used for personal access.
  6. Respond to the remaining prompted questions and complete the account setup.

Within 15-20 minutes, an account should be available and functional for future use. Make sure to note/record all login information in a safe, secure spot, like with your assigned Associate at Falco Sult. We’re able to store records securely in our client management software, creating a backup in case a loss in data ever occurs.

The IRS Online Account is one of the most useful functions that the IRS provides. It ultimately reigns supreme to other forms of record requests in its expediency and its convenience.

If there any questions regarding IRS Online Account access, please contact our office.