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Custom Architectural Woodworking Company — Pacific Northwest

Exceptional Architectural Millwork Company that specializes in the commercial and hospitality industries is available for purchase.



This is an established business positioned for continued growth in the commercial construction industry and continues to expand in the region. Award winning company whose excellent standards and abilities enable them to consistently increase market share in their industry.

The company has been in business for over 29 years and specializes in architectural millwork for high end Commercial Tenant Improvements, Casino, and Food Service industries. The company enjoys great relationships with major general contractors in the area which results in recurring business. The company is a very sophisticated manufacturing company that employs the latest technologies and equipment. They have successfully implemented LEAN practices both in the office and on the shop floor.

The company’s areas of expertise include: Custom design, production, specialty materials and installation of their finished products in accordance with industry standards. This ensures that the customers get an exceptional product that is within their budget, meets their constraints and builds a loyal customer base.

Devotion to engineering details and perfection in process flows are at the core of company’s success. The company has excelled in providing exceptional services to its customers by utilizing new technologies and working closely with the customer to bring their concept to reality. Focus and foresight has allowed them to retain high quality customers with a strong satisfaction rate and consistently work with many of the major general contractors in the region.

The ideal partner is someone who is in the industry and looking to either expand markets, diversify or looking for growth potential in a highly active geographic market.

Financial Highlights:

This is a summary of historical and projected financial performance for the business. Limited financial data is highlighted in the following table:
summary of historical and projected financial performance for the business

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