On behalf of our client, Falco Sult is pleased to announce the acquisition of ColorFX, a full-size, full-color printer located in Sun Valley, California, just outside of Los Angeles, by Digital Room, Inc., (“DRI”) one of the nation’s largest privately owned printers, following a lengthy and complex series of transactions. The transaction was completed in Mid-June.

ColorFX was a 30-year old firm which had grown steadily as a result of a robust on-line capability, which enabled it to serve wholesale buyers of printing services across the nation from its Southern California location. However due to the recent death of the founder and owner without a clear succession plan, the firm was in danger of closing before Falco Sult negotiated a successful and mutually beneficial sale to DRI. The operations of ColorFX have now been consolidated with those of DRI in their Southern California plant.

Falco Sult acted as the exclusive M&A advisor for this successful transition.

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